Weather-Ready Nation

The Weather-Ready Nation

NOAA’s Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research and National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service are moving new science and technology into National Weather Service operations that will improve forecasts and ultimately increase weather-readiness.

While we at NOAA are taking steps towards building a Weather–Ready Nation, we can not do it alone! Helping to reduce the risk of being adversely impacted by extreme weather and water events and increase community resilience (the ability to recover) for future extreme events.



Provide weather, water, and climate data, forecasts and warnings for the protection of life and property and enhancement of the national


A Weather-Ready Nation: Society is Prepared for and Responds to Weather-Dependent Events


    • Improve weather decision services for events that threaten lives and livelihoods
    • Deliver a broad suite of improved water forecasting services to support management of the
      Nation’s water supply
    • Enhance climate services to help communities, businesses, and governments understand and adapt to climate-related risks
    • Improve sector-relevant information in support of economic productivity
    • Enable integrated environmental forecast services supporting healthy communities and ecosystems
    • Sustain a highly-skilled, professional workforce equipped with the training, tools, and infrastructure to accomplish our mission

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