What To Report

If you experience any of the following,

Please Report It!

Thunderstorm Criteria:

  • Tornadoes or funnel clouds (be very wary of look-alikes; watch for rotation)
  • Rotating appendage from a cumulonimbus cloud not touching the ground
  • Wall clouds, especially if they are rotating

Hail (Be specific with regard to size)

  • Report any size and specify diameter.
  • Quarter-sized (1″) and larger is severe!

Wind Gusts

  • 40 mph or greater; specify whether estimated or recorded
  • large branches downed (specify diameter of branch)
  • Trees/power lines downed
  • Structural damage to buildings (roof, windows, etc.


  • 1 inch or greater in an hour and every inch thereafter
  • 2 inches or greater storm total


  • Report any flooding
  • Basement, road
  • Streams/Rivers — also, when nearing bank-full
  • Street (depth of water)

Winter Criteria:

  • When (new) snow accumulation reaches 2 inches
  • Then at 4 inches, 6 inches, and every 3 inches thereafter (eg. 2,4,6,9,12,etc)
  • Give a final report/total at the end of the storm
  • Thunder Snow – time and location


  • Any occurrence, or accumulation, of freezing rain
  • Accumulation of 1/4″ or more
  • Ice jams/snow melt

General Winter Reports

When forecast differs significantly from observed (i.e. snowing with no snow in forecast, sleet…when only snow is forecast…)

Any other significant weather occurrence(i.e. damage from strong winds not associated with a thunderstorm)

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