Site Announcements

Site Announcements

Data changes for the evening & overnight forecast both winter and summer.

Just a few notes on the newer almanac redesign for Spring, Summer & Fall.

Spring, Summer & Fall Forecast

of Noticeable Note, there is now a Severe Overnight outlook. this will give everyone a better idea of if there will be any sort of severe weather overnight. in order from lowest to highest will be as follows:

No Severe Storms Expected
Isolated Severe Storms Possible
Scattered Severe Storms Possible
Numerous Severe Storms Possible
WideSpread Severe Storms Likely
WideSpread Severe Storms Expected

Again I added this, so that everyone will get an idea of if there will be any severe threats overnight.

Also, I added a Fog Percent Chance possible. instead of clogging up the text area with a bunch of junk, I thought it would be better to place it into a box, so its always there,

Also the Rain Chance’s will be moved from the main area, to a box. again to save space in the text area for more information.

Just something to enhance the Evening & Overnight Forecast. in another post here, There have been Big Changes on the Winter version of the Evening & Overnight forecast.

Winter Forecast

I did the same basic design of the newer Summer evening and overnight forecast. But the Winter screen has a ton of good information, and more to follow if I consider it worthy to place it into the forecast.. and I will not change the Weather Evening and overnight forecast till November 1st.

1) the first of these added changes will be a box to show the possible snow accumulations overnight. remember the almanac only covers 7 pm to 7 am. So it would just cover those times.

2) I added a snow chance in percent. basically the same as the rain chances, but for snow. the rain chances will still be there, due to the chances of rain happening in the winter.

3) This is a New box, to give everyone an idea of how the road conditions will be in the evening and overnight. things like icy roads, snow covered, and so on and so forth..

4) The Wind Chill’s will be in a box next to the temperature.

5) The last addition is something for those who love to know the chances of there being a delay or school closing.


This box showing the % chance’s, is in our estimation of the chances that there maybe a delay or closing. this is NOT a factual thing that will happen. just a educated guess at the chance for it to happen

How We made the best guess is this: We look at the snow falling, the temperature, the dew points, the possibility of snowfall, and or other factors, that will let us give the estimate if the schools will close, or be delayed.